Children look forward to their birthday parties all year long! It’s a time to hang out with their best friends, get presents, run around like a crazy person, and, of course, eat cake! It’s truly a special time for any child, that is, unless something goes wrong. There’s nothing worse or more terrifying than an angry birthday boy or girl! In this post, we want to help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes that parents make when throwing their young one’s birthday party. Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect venue for you! My Lil’ Town goes above and beyond to make sure that your kid’s birthday party is the best ever! Reserve a spot now, or contact us if you would like more information!

Don’t Plan It Without Their Opinion

We get it, as their parent you are super excited to throw the best birthday party for your child, but we warn you to hold your horses before planning the theme and other essential parts of the party on your own. It is their party so it is very important that you get their opinion first. You might think that Superman is their favorite superhero, but lo and behold, it switched to Batman last Wednesday! If your kid shows up to their party and it’s not what they were hoping for, then you better watch out!

Avoid Inviting the Whole School

It’s tempting to invite as many kids as possible to have the biggest party of the year. But this is a mistake. First, you don’t really want to have the area so crowded that no one is able to move around or mingle. Secondly, it can be awkward for your kid if he and his best friends are outnumbered by his classmates that he doesn’t really consider a friend. The best choice is to only invite their closest friends. This will ensure that everyone will have a good time and everyone gets a slice of cake!

Get Out of the House

It’s easy to throw a house birthday party, right? You’ll save money and already be home when the party is over! This might sound great, but throwing the birthday party at your house is a mistake. Your child already spends so much time in your house, and they want their party to be special! Going to someplace incredible (like My Lil’ Town) will make them extra happy. Plus, think about the clean-up! You not only have to worry about setting everything up, but will have a lot of messes to pick up afterward.

At our indoor playground in Granada Hills, not only do we have an incredible venue with video games, lasers, party hosts, and, of course, a tiny town, but we are also very affordable and help you every step of the way. No need to worry about setting up, or cleaning up, or even keeping the children entertained because our staff and our awesome venue handle all of that! If your kid has a birthday party coming up, you better reserve your spot now before we fill up! Contact us today for more information.