As we all remember from our childhoods, one of the best days out of the year was, of course, our birthday. A chance to hang out with all of our best friends, eat cake, and presents? Yes, please! Birthday parties are so incredibly special to the kids, so when it comes time to throw your child’s celebration, you want to make sure that the party is a blast and one that will create lasting memories. If you’re getting ready to plan your young one’s birthday, we’re here to provide you with a few helpful tips to ensure that it’s a great time! When you decide to have the party at My Lil’ Town, you’re already taking a big step in the right direction. Our new and unique indoor playground is the best kids’ party place in Granada Hills!

So if you’ve started the initial planning, follow these steps to make sure that the birthday party is a hit! If you haven’t already, book your birthday package today!

Start Planning as Soon as Possible

You may think that the fact that it’s a children’s birthday party, it should be easy to keep everyone happy and entertained. Right? Actually, the opposite is true. If you forget to order the cake, didn’t get the decorations, or don’t have enough party games planned (we’ve got you covered), then the party might just turn into chaos and a group of crying children. You don’t want to rush yourself either. Start planning early, take your time, and make sure that you have all of the details planned out before the big day.


Obviously to have a party, there need to be other kids! To make sure that all of your kid’s friends are free on the day of the event, and so that you can know how many people you will be attending, you’re going to need to send out RSVPs! Whether your sending them the old school way via actual letters or sending digital invites, just be sure to send them out way ahead of time so that you, and the guests, can plan accordingly.


Pick a Time

Even the time of day that you have the party is important to consider. It’s been found that for the younger children (toddlers) earlier in the day works out better because it is before their nap time. The children that are slightly older are good to go in the afternoon.

Thank You Notes

You want to teach your child the importance of being thankful from an early age. So when they are receiving gifts from their friends, take notes on who gives which present so that you don’t forget, and then have your child write to their friends to individually thank them for coming to the party and for their gift!

When you decide on My Lil’ Town for your birthday party place for kids in Granada Hills, we’ll help you throw the best birthday party of the year! Our birthday packages include a party host, face painting, goodie bags, lasers and lighting, and oh so much more! If you’d like more information then feel free to contact us today, or just drop on by! If you’re ready to get started, then go ahead and book your birthday package now!