As a parent, we know how important every single moment that you spend with your child truly is as they grow older. Every day is a memory, and it seems like time is just flying by without giving you the chance to savor these precious times! While their birthday may be a little bit of a wake-up call that they won’t always stay so little, it’s a time to celebrate with them and see the pure happiness on their face as they enjoy their party with their friends and family.

Here at My Lil’ Town, our brand new, state of the art indoor playground is hands down the best birthday party place for kids in Granada Hills! You can rest assured that your child will have the time of their lives as they explore our small interactive town, climb upon our climbing walls and jungle gym, and enjoy the festivities!

So what makes our play center stand out as the best birthday party venue? Find out more in this blog, and if your child’s special day is right around the corner, make sure to book the time now! We offer two birthday packages: The Town, which is our most popular option, or upgrade to the Town Private where you and your guests will have the whole town to yourselves! See prices and the differences between the packages here.

Choose a Theme

A children’s birthday party isn’t complete without a theme! No matter if your young one is a fan of princesses, superheroes, professional sports, what have you, our staff will make sure that your chosen theme is clearly presented. This not only includes the themed table cloths, plates, and hats, but to really take things to the next level, we will provide laser video mapping of your chosen thing on every single wall inside of our indoor playground!

Party Host

To make sure that the party goes on smoothly (and to let you and the other parents really get to enjoy the party) we will provide a party host that will help keep the event organized, the kids thoroughly entertained, and they will even act as a game coordinator! Our entire staff is dedicated to making our play center clean, safe, and (of course) fun for you and your group! No matter what you may need, they’ll be there for you and the kiddos.

Nails, Face Painting, and Tattoos

At our Lil Beauty Salon station, the kids can get their nails done, their face painted, and they can even get tattoos (don’t worry parents, they’re not real!). Whether your child wants to stick with the theme of the party, or get decked out in tattoos and their face painted as their favorite animal, that can be done!

Goodie Bags

Along with hanging out with your friends, one thing that we can all remember from our childhood is the thrill of getting a goodie bag after a birthday party. Well, guess what? You don’t even have to worry about this! Included in your birthday party package, we will provide 20 goodie bags filled with an assortment of things that every member of your party will enjoy!

Sound, Lasers, and Lighting

At our brand new indoor playground, you can count state of the art sound to play their favorite tunes, lasers (what kid doesn’t like lasers?), and lighting to really make the birthday party venue something special. The children won’t be the only ones having a blast as you watch them dance, run, and play with some of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen!

So do you want to throw the best party for your young one’s big day? Look no further because you’ve found the premier birthday party place for kids in Granada Hills! Book your birthday package now so we can get started on planning the festivities. If you have any further questions contact us today, or come visit our play center today!