Although a child’s imagination is limitless, your everyday playground has nothing on our kids’ play area in Granada Hills! At My Lil Town, your kid will feel like they are the mayor of their own town complete with a little bank, little library, and more! They’ll learn while they have a blast with interactive areas such as the little art center, and the science lab where they can run very own experiments! We will very quickly become your child’s favorite place to play! Be sure to read our blog to learn interesting facts and find out more about what our playground has to offer!

  1. Benefits of Playing

    Playing is one of a child’s favorite things to, and boy do we have the best place for them to do it! Here at My Lil’ Town, we have the most unique kids’ play area in Granada Hills! It’s a miniature town for the little ones! And while the most important things for the kids to gain from playing is a great time, there are actually numerous benefits that come with it! Learn more below and if y…Read More

  2. Making Your Child a Better Student With Fun

    As your child comes to the age when their classroom lessons begin to become more important, it’s important for you to encourage them in every way that you can. While studying and paying attention to their teachers is obviously important to their development, it’s also important to let them have a little bit of fun! As we all know, young children’s attention spans are incredibly short, so hav…Read More

  3. A Fun Way for Your Child to Learn

    We’ve got good news for parents out there! Are you ready for it? Your child can learn, while also having fun! You don’t believe us, do you? We know you will after your first visit to our kids’ play area in Granada Hills. For far too long, learning and having a good time have been separated for children everywhere. There’s the classroom, and then there’s the playground. At My Lil’ Town,…Read More