As we all know, a child’s imagination has no bounds. They are able to create something out of nothing, and can keep themselves entertained for hours with just a few props and a lot of brain power! But using their imagination isn’t just great for fun, it’s also incredibly important to their development and teaches them cognitive skills that will help them all throughout their lives. From school, to work, and beyond.

At My Lil’ Town, we are firm believers that education, imagination, and fun are all interconnected! Our indoor playground in Granada Hills offers the kids a place to have a blast while also learning life skills that aren’t often taught in the classroom. We love to see the kids use their imagination to problem solve, socialize, and learn new things. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a few things that you can do to help support and encourage the use of their creativity.

If you would like more information about our children’s play center, or would like to book a birthday party, then feel free to give us a call or come on in! We’re so happy to be open now and can’t wait to be your child’s favorite place to play.

Keep Screen Time to a Minimum

We know, we know, in this day and age it can be pretty difficult to get children’s eyes away from the screen, whether it’s the television, a phone, or a tablet. But by restricting their time watching or playing with these devices, they’ll realize that using their mind has its own wonders! It’s important to encourage them to use their own imagination, and not to become attached to shows and digital games.

Support Pretend Play

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of pretend play and how it helps their childhood development. Not only does it give them a chance to have a blast, but also increases their social, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills! At our indoor playground, they can pretend that they’re living in their own little town! Whether learning how to count change at My Lil’ Bank, or teaching a lesson at My Lil’ School, they’ll learn while they are role-playing.

Art Supplies

Art is a great avenue for your child to really tap into their creative side. Whether it’s painting, doodling, or crafting, art really sets their imagination free. At our My Lil’ Arts & Crafts station, the children will be able to create, and also buy, arts and crafts which puts their mind to work as well as teaches them valuable business skills!

Come to My Lil’ Town!

Our indoor playground is unlike anything you, or your child, has seen. From our multiple stations where they can learn valuable life skills to getting out their pent up energy climbing our rock walls and jungle gyms, My Lil’ Town is truly a special place where fun and education collide! We’re also the best place in town to throw a birthday party! What are you waiting for? Let your child’s imagination run wild and visit our play center today!