Playing is one of a child’s favorite things to, and boy do we have the best place for them to do it! Here at My Lil’ Town, we have the most unique kids’ play area in Granada Hills! It’s a miniature town for the little ones! And while the most important things for the kids to gain from playing is a great time, there are actually numerous benefits that come with it! Learn more below and if you haven’t been to our indoor playground yet, then come on by! If you have any questions then feel free to contact us today!


For some children, being around kids that they don’t know can be a little bit intimidating, so it helps to have a fun environment to ease the slight awkwardness. Our playground is fully-interactive, so it’s easy for your young one to meet new friends and have a great time. The social skills that they will learn will be beneficial when the school year comes back around and they realize that making friends isn’t so scary after all!


Along with learning that meeting new people isn’t so bad, they’ll gain confidence in themselves and their ability to make friends. Their confidence will also grow when they reach higher up on our climbing wall then they ever had before, and it’s also important for them to play on their own to build self-confidence.


These days, it’s become especially hard to pry children away from their screens and encourage them to get some exercise, but won’t even realize that they’re getting healthy activity when they’re running around with their friends, playing in our ball pit, climbing the jungle gym, or being the mayor of their own little town.  

Cognitive Benefits

As we’ve discussed in a previous post, pretend play is really important for your child’s cognitive development, and this is especially true at My Lil’ Town. While the children pretend to be doctors, bankers, or firefighters, they’ll be using their creativity to problem solve and create situations in their imagination. We encourage the kids to have a whole lot of fun while also learning important life skills.


Okay, of course, we still had to bring it up. Maybe the most important benefit that comes with playing is that it’s just so much fun for the kids! The only problem you might have is convincing them that it’s time to leave! But as a bonus for you parents, they’ll be so active during their time here that we guarantee that when they get home they will be pooped!

My Lil’ Town is a safe, educational, and fun area for your child to play! We are the perfect venue for birthday parties or just something fun to do on the weekend! If you would like to learn more about our indoor playground, simply give us a call! Or, better yet, come visit us! We’re certain that we will be your child’s new favorite place to play and we know you’ll have a great time as well. We can’t wait to see you!